How Good Sleep Promotes Creativity

By on 5-18-2017 in Health

How Good Sleep Promotes Creativity

We have all heard that we are supposed to be getting eight hours of sleep every night, or else it will be detrimental to us. Some people do not believe this to be true, while others simply believe they do not have enough time to get this much sleep every night. After all, is it even true that we need this much sleep? It turns out that this is very true. Getting a good night’s sleep can benefit us in a multitude of different ways. For example, good sleep can actually promote our internal creativity.

How Does Sleep Help Promote Creativity?

One of the main contributors to creativity is REM sleep. This is when the person is so deeply asleep that they begin to vividly dream. The brain starts collecting images that were processed during the day, and performs a pattern recognition on them. The brain will eventually start connecting ideas that seemed otherwise unrelated. This is turn is beneficial to creative problem solving. The user has a better ability to take ideas that were not thought to be of any use, and turn them into viable solutions for problems.

How to Achieve Better Sleep

Lots of things factor into creativity like poor posture, lack of inspiration, diet, etc. But one reason that some people have issues with creative thoughts is because they are not getting a good sleep. This can be caused by many reasons. For example, allergies can cause someone to stay awake most of the night sniffling and sneezing. If a person is awake for hours every night, they will not have a chance to fall into a deep REM sleep. Allergens such as dust and mildew are commonly found in mattresses. A good way to prevent these from bothering you would be to add a mattress protector to your bed.

Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are made from cotton, polyester, vinyl, and other similar materials. They are great for use in the home, and can easily fit over any type of mattress. Protectors will prevent spills, stains, or other accidents from ruining your mattress. That is important in case you ever need to return the mattress or enforce the warranty. As well, mattress protectors are a great defense against allergens that keep you up in the night. They are fitted over top of the mattress, and keep things from coming through and bothering you. People who were previously unable to stay asleep for an entire night quickly became sleep addicts after applying a mattress protector to their bed.


Creativity can easily be improved by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle. If you are getting a better sleep at night, you will be more likely to succeed at activities that involve creative thinking. As well, being well-rested during the day is sure to improve your overall quality of life. You will be able to enjoy the world as people should be able to, and will not spend all your time yawning. Try a mattress protector as a start, and note the difference that it makes!