Change Your Scenery to Find New Ideas

By on 6-04-2017 in Writing

Change Your Scenery to Find New Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your writing? Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to find what you need in order to truly find your inner voice. One my favorite places to go when I’m looking to get my writing on is the great outdoors. Something about sitting under a tree or by a lake or river really gets my creative juices flowing.

When getting out into those far-off places, though, you’ll want to have a few things. Electricity can be scarce, so you’re probably going to be better off taking a writing utensil and something on which you can write. A laptop can work, for sure, if you’ve got a way to charge it in your vehicle, but that limits your ability to go where your inspiration takes you. On top of that, there’s something incredibly satisfying about writing directly onto paper.


If you typically write at night, you’re going to need some sort of light source. For the full natural experience, you can definitely start a campfire and write beside it. In an area where you can’t have a fire, or if you just don’t want to deal with it, an electrical light source can work. A lantern or even a lightbar on your car could be helpful for your needs. Lightbars are especially interesting as they can provide a great amount of light over a large area. You can learn more about them at


Creativity can come from situations you may not expect. Letting the world around you influence your writing is a great way to find a story. For instance, if you’re leaning against a tree, watching the river flow by, you may catch something special. Someone may go by on a boat or something could float along to inspire your writing. Suddenly, you’ll be writing about the mysterious spy who rowed down a backwoods river to get into some villain’s hidden forest base.


Or, if love stories are your thing, sitting by a campfire could inspire tales of love between two people. They may have found each other on a rainy night and, as they sat beside a campfire to warm themselves, they fell in love. Your story can start anywhere, it just takes that initial spark. If you sit in your office at all hours of the day waiting for writing inspiration to strike, you may find yourself waiting far longer than you’d like.


The great outdoors doesn’t have to be your source of inspiration, of course. Sometimes just going anywhere new can provide you with what you need. Writing at the library or at a coffee shop among other people can bring thoughts of stories never before written, which is the goal of every author, I believe. You don’t ever want your writing to feel like somebody else’s, so do everything you have to do in order to find those ideas which can be uniquely yours. Feel for your inspiration. Get out of your comfort zone. Go on an adventure, even a small one, so you can tell the world all about your story.