Unexpected Ways Improper Posture Impacts Creativity

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Unexpected Ways Improper Posture Impacts Creativity

You have probably been told from a young age that you need to pay better attention to your posture. We understand that proper posture allows us to stand tall and appear confident and alert. However, all too often we limit our understanding of posture to aesthetics.

While it’s true you can increase your appeal when you exhibit the right posture, there are a number of even more important reasons you should start making efforts to increase the quality of yours. Especially if you are trying to make it as an author, there are a few things you need to understand about how posture impacts your creativity.

Increases Depression

San Francisco State University conducted a study which revealed slouching can lead to increased feelings of depression. It’s really no surprise, however, when you consider our natural body language. When we say someone has a backbone, this means they are confident and strong. On the other hand, if they are spineless, this reflects them being weak and cowardly. It only makes sense that someone who tends to slouch would have a lesser feeling of self confidence and pride, and this can make it difficult to open your mind to allow your creativity to flow with ease.

Disrupts Digestive Flow

In order to foster your mind and encourage it to think of new and exciting ideas, it’s important that the rest of your body is comfortable. When your digestive system is backed up, you can experience a number of negative side effects including:

  • Swollen or painful stomach
  • Trouble making a bowel movement or having the feeling that not everything came out
  • Hard stool
  • Vomiting

Consider the stance you typically make when you slouch. Your body falls forward and causes the intestines to fold. Naturally, this can slow things down when it comes to your digestion and make it really difficult to focus on other things, such as your writing.

Increases Your Chances of Developing Disease

Few things will disrupt your life like finding out you have a disease. This is a shocking moment when you realize your own mortality, and it’s likely you’ll need to start spending more of your time at doctors’ offices and focusing on treatment. What you may not realize is that poor posture can increase your chances of the development of a number of diseases including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

A large contributor to the fact that a growing number of people are developing poor posture is that we are living more sedentary lifestyles. From working long hours at a computer desk to daily commutes and more, it’s likely you spend a large amount of your time in a seated position, and it can be easy to find yourself slouching while seated. A few great ways to decrease the amount of time you sit in any given day include:

  • Invest in an office desk that allows for elevation so you can stand throughout the day without compromising your work
  • Park at the far end of the parking lot so you’re forced to walk a little further whether at work, the grocery store, or anywhere else
  • Ensure you get up and take a walk around the office for at least ten minutes for every hour worked.

Taking Proper Posture to a Whole New Level

If you thought proper posture was no big deal, you can see now that there are a number of reasons why you should put thought into yours. With so many potential negative side effects, you face a lot at risk when you don’t exhibit proper posture. It’s estimated that around 85 percent of the population will suffer with some degree of back pain at some point in their lives, and this is largely attributed to poor posture.

Now that you understand just some of the unexpected ways in which improper posture impacts your creativity, you are likely much more motivated to increase the quality of yours, and there are a number of ways in which you can accomplish that including:

  • Put most of your weight on the balls of your feet
  • Allow your arms to hang naturally at your sides
  • Tuck in your tummy
  • Focus on keeping your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Consider the purchase of a posture corrector that will help you assume proper posture without even having to think about it and maintaining a strong, healthy back

There are so many things to consider when it comes to health and well-being, and you only have one life to live. By making yourself aware of these negative side effects of poor posture, you can be on your way to better enjoying yours.

Writing About War

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Writing About War

War makes up most of the content in history books everywhere. It can be tough to write, talk, and read about war, especially if it plays a significant part of a person’s life. The very first war noted in history was the battle between Sumer and Elam in 2700 BCE in Mesopotamia. From then on out, war seemed like a frequent occurrence up until today with the most recent and escalating conflict with ISIS. As the years progress, weapons and strategy change, so let’s take a look at what has been used in past and recent conflicts.

Red Dot Sights In War

As technology advanced, guns advanced. One of the attachments for certain types of guns were the red dot sights or reflex sights. These sights illuminate the target through the reflecting glass to give an accurate target. They were used in WWI to bring down fighter aircraft, they were commonly found on guns in WWII and are still used on different kinds of head-up displays. They are mainly used in war to acquire a target on a fast moving person or vehicle such as tanks and aircrafts. Today, they are used for target practice and people can save a large amount of time looking for the best red dot sight for the money if the look on Gun Gods so they can always be as accurate as possible when shooting.

World War I


World War I or better known as The Great War, was centered in Europe and lasted from July 28, 1914 until November 11th, 1918. Over 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians perished as a result of the war. Now, we must ask, what made this war so deadly? Well, here is a short list of who used what kinds of weapons:

  • Germany- Germany had the most powerful weapons which included 150 mm & 210 mm Howitzers and Austrian 305 mm & 420 mm guns.
  • France- France had less powerful weapons which included 75 mm and 105 mm Howitzers.
  • British- They used less powerful weapons such as the 152 mm Howitzer. Although their weapon was smaller, it was so heavy that it had to be assembled in the field.


This was one of the deadliest multi-conflict wars in history which ended in a stalemate with the help of machine guns, trench warfare, air reconnaissance, barbed wire, and modern weapons with fragmentation shells.

World War II

World War II was the deadliest war in history with 60-85 million casualties which spanned from 1939-1945. Involved were most of the world’s nations which included all of the great powers. Eventually, it was split into two alliances which were the Allies and the Axis. Since it was the most widespread war in history, there was definitely a wide array of weapons that were used:

  • Rifles- M1902 Springfield, M1 Garand, M1917 Enfield, M1941 Johnson, and the M1 & M1A1 Carbine.
  • Shotguns- Winchester M1897 Trench Gun, Winchester M12, Browning Auto-5, Winchester Model 21, Remington 31, and the Ithaca 37.
  • Machine Guns- Browning M1917A1, Browning M1919A4/A6 and family, B.A.R, M1941 Johnson Light Machine Gun, and the Browning M2HB.
  • Sub Machine Guns- M3/A1 Grease Gun, Thompson Submachine Gun, M50/55 Reising, M42, M2 Hyde.


These are just some of the weapons that were used and there are so much more. This is one of the reasons why this war was so deadly. Almost every area had their own group of weapons, one being stronger than someone else’s. There were also tanks used and armored vehicles.

Pursuing A Career As A Writer

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We live in a generation where living is so fast-paced, it is very difficult to keep up, at times. The times has also become so modern, almost everyone can be anybody, in seconds.

When you are sick, you check the Internet and you become a “doctor” in an instant. When you need to repair something, you turn on your computer and search how to do repairs, easy as pie. When you want to sing a song and sound good, apps are available to edit your voice and bring it to perfect – instant singer!

There are a lot of things that people can do now, but despite the easy access, it does not mean that the performance and expertise of a person instantly becomes at par with those that actually gave time and effort to be in the profession they are in.

When you check Google for answers to your medical situation, you can never classify yourself as a doctor. This is also a dangerous practice because misdiagnosis is very possible when you do this kind of self-diagnosis. It is still always best, and proper, to consult a real doctor.

When you can edit your voice, it does not make you an instant singer. Even if you get a shot at fame, sooner or later, that edited voice will sold you out and you’ll lose fans even before you get them.

This situation is also drowning real authors and writers. With a lot of applications that allow free publishing of written works, it becomes difficult for those writers with actual talents to penetrate the writing industry. There are a lot of amateur writers that still need a lot of work when it comes to writing, but their books are getting more hits than those that actually have great content and flawless grammar.

This implies not just a bad possibility for aspiring writers, but also for the readers. Children love reading books, and if they read low-quality books, their perception of high quality will be changed because of the notion that published works are “great” “number 1” “the best.”

Published works equal great books, but that was yesterday. Now, not all published books are great. Hence, writers have to double their efforts to make their books reach their target readers.

Image Credit: usabilitygeek.com

Image Credit: usabilitygeek.com

I have no idea how we can weed out the unworthy books circulating the Internet that should not be wasting people’s time. The answer just lies in the hands of the readers. They have to be more careful and critical in choosing the kinds of books to read, especially if they plan to give a particular book to their children.

Writing About Things That Have Not Happened

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When you are a writer, you tend to think about a lot of possible scenarios. You have to be able to envision with clarity, how something would happen, so that when you write it, you can write it in a way that your readers could imagine the same way. This means, writers have to write about things that have not actually happened in their lives, but they have to write it in such a way that makes it very realistic, even if its fictional.

Angela Dennis writes about fictional scenarios and fictional characters, not just in the sense that the story is made up, but also in the sense that the nature of the characters are made up. Wolves? Vampires? Other mythical creatures? They’re not exactly in existence, right? I mean, that is why they are called mythical, in the first place? (Now I’m starting to worry if they really are NON-EXISTENT).

So, when a writer writes about unrealistic things, how do they go about it? I mean, they say you can never really know about anything unless you experience it. And I would like to believe that Angela Dennis has never really encountered any vampires, right? So how does she do it?

Well, I could never really ask her in person, because I might just stutter and faint, given the fandom that I have for her. So, I went out and asked other writers that I know. Amateur writers that are inspired to write and try their best to be acknowledged by the craft that they love.

One writer friend told me that the key to it all is research. Reading is a form of experience, and when you read something, you get to imagine it. It is through reading other information about a certain mythical creature or event that some writers get their inspiration from. They may have not experienced the actual scene, but because they read on it, they have the idea on how it goes, and so from there, they write their own.

My friend also shared with me that the first time she wrote a funeral scene, she did not know how to go about it. First, it was a scary scene to imagine, and she felt scared because she was talking about the death of a person. While it may not be an actual person in her life, the idea of death and funeral made her scared because she was made to embrace the possibility of it happening to her or her family.

She was able to finish the book after a few days of choking up on that specific scene. What made her relax and move on from the scary feeling she felt? She went ahead and searched for funeral insurance info that she can use for the write-up, as well as avail for her and her family. She had her parents think about the information she got and presented them, and the whole family decided to get insured.

This did not stop the idea of the possibility of death, but at least it got her whole family securing their futures. The whole point of it all, is to demonstrate how sometimes, even the stories get to the authors too, and it also makes them deal with physical and emotional stress. However, these instances makes them more inspired to write, making their books very engaging to readers as well.


How Angela Dennis Helps Raise Self-Esteem of Teenage Readers

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Image Credit: familieswork.co.uk

Image Credit: familieswork.co.uk

One of the most important aspect of life, that young people value very much, is self-esteem. This usually manifest in their confidence about themselves, their talents, and their entire character and attitude.

People can tell when a child has high or low self-esteem. Usually, when a child performs better, socializes better and is able to express her emotions and ideas with unwavering confidence, that child possess a self-esteem that enables her to learn, understand and utilize her maximum potential. On the other hand, when a child is aloof, always second guesses her actions and ideas, and keeps quiet even if they have something to say, this child is more likely to have lower self-esteem. Children belonging to the latter group find it more difficult to exercise their emotions and people skills. This could lead a life of missed out opportunities or worse, bullying, when not attended to immediately.

One reason for having low self-esteem is a child’s view on her value as a teenager. The child might seem to think that all the other kids are better, smarter, richer, and more loved than they are. It is firstly the obligation of the parents to ensure that their teenagers do not feel this way. Equal treatment for all children should be done and they should be encouraged daily. Parenting will play a very important role to prevent this from happening. When they are inspired by their parents, they will begin to appreciate their worth as well. Do otherwise, and they will really feel low and end up unresponsive to the environment.

Angela Dennis, in her books, have teenage characters that teenage readers can relate to. She does not create unrealistic characters, when it comes to emotions and how an actual teenager really is. Yes, they have supernatural tendencies, but beyond that, they are normal teenager character that help readers understand how they can achieve more if they believe in themselves and raise their self-worth and value.

Angela also makes communication a significant factor for her characters. She displays  how lack of proper communication is usually the root of misunderstanding that leads to fights and ends friendships.

This tells us that communication is a very important part of life. When someone is able to communicate more expressively, chances are, their self-esteem is also in good condition.

Communication nowadays is a very simple task, especially with the power of the Internet to make us all communicate in an instant, no matter where we are and who we want to talk to. In fact, it has become such an everyday part of our lives that not having it for even an hour can cause chaos and a lot of misunderstanding between people.

Teenagers are also very dependent on the internet now. It becomes stepping stone into making long lasting friendships, using features and programs that help them communicate with friends even when they are not together. It helps strengthen the bonds and keep the relationship strong.

If teenagers are in healthy relationship with friends and loved ones, one can be sure that these teens will grow to be responsible and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Preserving Arts and Literature for the Future

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Image Credit: sarahmaclean.net

Image Credit: sarahmaclean.net

One of the greatest and most valuable possessions of any person who is passionate about arts and literature are his or her creative stories, poems and narratives, which are compiled in what we are known to call as books.

Writing a work of art in the form of a book is not an easy feat. Writing the story itself needs motivation and inspiration. Then, when a book is indeed created there is still the process of editing, revising, publishing and all the works just to have your book cater to the world, and these all need a lot of time and patience.

For Sophie, a fellow amateur, writing a book has taken a different meaning for her. She writes books and keeps them to herself, for now. She has a collection of books already that are unpublished. She has forgone publishing because she says she writes not for others, but for herself. She compiles them, because she wants that in the future, her children will be able to read the books and she wants them to be the judge of her works. After all, some of the greatest classics in the world of literature are those that were written for pure art, not for the purpose of publishing and earning money.

She shared that someday, she will have the guts to publish her work, just as her idol, Angela Dennis, has taken the courage to do so. She finds inspiration in Angela, and she hopes that one day, she will be as successful as Angela is.

Though she likes the work of Angela, she likes them as reading materials, but she never really found herself writing in the genre that Angela writes in. She is more into romance novels and books on life and learning.

It was even weird for her when she found herself hooked on the books written by Angela Dennis. She never thought she would learn to fall in love with books in this genre. She always just wanted to write stories that were more “realistic” and does not involve any form of magic, sorcery, and what-have-you.

Now that her mind has been opened to the beauty of Urban fiction and Science-fiction, she is also attempting to write along this genre. Again, she is not sure when she will be

Image credit: jenningswire.com

Image credit: jenningswire.com

Maybe, is she gets a chance to have a one on one conversation with Angela and she gets to be the first to read one of her books, then maybe she’ll have the courage to send it to an editor for publishing.

However, right now, she is just happy that even in her own little way, she is contributing to arts and literature through her writing.


Review: Shadow of Fate

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Image Credit: goodreads.com

Image Credit: goodreads.com

The first book by Angela Dennis that I will be reviewing is her urban fiction novel called Shadows of Fate.


Brenna Baudouin lost control of her Shadow Bearer powers after witnessing her husband’s murder. She started on her penance by catching supernatural misfits that have reached the earth because of a cataclysmic war.

In her quest to round up as many misfits as possible, she was assigned a new partner, Gray Warlow. She builds a wall of distrust because she can sense an inner motive from him, especially because ever since they met, she started losing the people she love, one by one. Warlow, however, maneuvers through the wall of distrust slowly, making sure that he can seek vengeance for her turning against her own kind.

As they break walls, Warlow discovers that she is not the monster they were led to believe she was. He saw a beautiful woman, strong yet vulnerable.

Read the book to find out how the quest ends, and if the sexual tension building up will win its way.

My Review:

This book falls under the genre of urban fantasy. If you are someone with a wide reading spectrum, then you can be quite familiar with this already. If not, then you can increase the number of book genres by starting out on reading urban fantasy novels such as this.

The female lead was portrayed as a strong woman, almost manly in ways, but still a woman, nonetheless, because of her emotional frailty and for exhibiting womanly traits that can reach the border of annoying, if not for the fact that she balances it through her skills and strength.

The build-up for the fantasy world they live in was not congested in the beginning of the story. It was also done slowly, throughout the book. This gave the book an edge over other writers that tend to give away every detail of the realm they are trying to create at the beginning of the story.

It was written in first person, which is something appropriate since it gives the POV of the character. However, it did a head hop, or a transferring of the POV of one character to another. While some stories are effective on using this kind of technique, normally if there are plenty of important characters who’s POV are essential to the flow and mystery of the story, for this one, a head hop did not ruin it, but it also made the novel typical, in that sense.

Head hops are not at all a bad thing. However, it breaks the flow, and when this happens to often in a book, readers tend to take that “break” as a chance to put the book down and do something else for a while. It fails to achieve what writers aim, which is to make their stories so gripping, readers cannot put the book down.

In general, I think this book is an 8 out of a perfect 10. It has a promising story yet it still has room for improvement that could be applied in the following books to come.